FauxNews exclusive interview with Melania Trump; says accusations of her plagiarizing are unfounded and that Michelle Obama should be thanking her


Cleveland, Ohio - The Republican National Convention got off on a solemn start by opening the convention with a touching tribute to Officer Timothy Loehmann, the victim of the Tamir Rice shooting, following the homage the crowd was soon warmed up by Melania Trump who spoke about the importance of integrity and keeping it real.  FauxNews has sat down with Mrs. Trump for an exclusive interview to discuss the opening night's speech.


FauxNews:  Thanks so much for being part of this interview.  On the first night of the Republican National Convention, you gave such an inspired speech and it has captivated the world.  Can you elaborate on how you crafted your message?


Melania Trump:  The speech was a collaborated effort, while the majority of the work was based on my own feelings of how I imagine it would be to grow up poor and desolate, I had an amazing partner with Sean Combs helping to tweak, or as he likes to say, 'Twerk' the speech to make the message connect with the youth of today.

FN:  It's pretty amazing you got Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs to help polish up the speech.  However, there have been talks of you plagiarizing Mrs. Obama's 2008 speech.  How do you want to respond to that?


MT:  It's silly and completely unfounded.  I didn't plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech.  If anything, we remixed her speech and made it even hotter.  The genius, and I don't use that word lightly, of Puff Daddy is that he's able to take popular songs from a decade or two ago and make them slightly more popular.  Rap does it all the time, that's what we did.  There's no plagiarizing there.  If anything, I should be thanked for making Michelle Obama relevant again.


FN:  You mentioned rap being an inspiration for your lifted lines, do you have a favorite hip-hop artist?


MT:  Well, I am huge fan of Iggy Azalea.  Her integrity to the genre is without question.  She's the realest.


FN:  Your husband has been accused of creating an environment that his hostile to minorities.  Do you have any plans to do minority outreach?


MT:  First, Donald and I love those people.  We love appropriating their culture and honestly I personally believe C. Thomas Howell should have received an academy award for his performance in Soul Man.  When Donald gets elected, we are definitely going to have a minority outreach program the likes of which have never been seen before.  Omarosa will be our czar of race relations.  It's time we make America great again!


FN:  Thank you for your time.