Stacey Dash says, "being black a choice"


Fox News spokeswoman, Stacey Dash, has once again waded into the controversial topic of race in America. The unapologetic award nominated actress made a stop to the Fox News morning program, Fox and Friends, were cohost Steve Doocy asked her to turnaround and drop it like it’s hot before giving Ms. Dash a chance to opine on the continued shootings of unarmed black males across America. After a spirited tap dance across the stage, Ms. Dash then stated that "much like being gay, being black is like totally a choice."  Ms. Dash further added that she had no fear of being shot since she turned in her black card years ago. Fox and Friends' other cohost, Brian Kilmeade, then asked if she would still be allowed to drink Kool-Aid right before the segment went to commercial.