Batman Vs Superman Remade!


While most filmmakers would shy away from the difficult task of remaking any movie, one cannot help but be in awe of Bryan Singer's moxie for attempting to remake Batman V Superman so soon after its release. Singer's 'Magnus' opus cleverly titled 'X-Men: Apocalypse' is just one of the handful of minor changes in his brilliant, almost note for note remake. Esoteric exposition?  Check!  Reserved acting (that uncouth reviewers would describe as wooden)? Double check! Hero fighting hero, dream sequences and a super hero cameo that's much too short? Check again!


The magic begins with a scene in ancient Egypt where the godlike villain enters a pyramid of his implied creation. This is an important plot point since it furthers the narrative that brown people from Africa, without any western education, could not possibly have built the pyramids and establishes the villain as a being of immense, albeit ambiguous, powers.



Because heroes fighting villains is passé, we are treated to an orgasmic display of hero on hero action. The first battle we see is emo Nightcrawler versus hillbilly Angel. It's refreshing to see such an astute filmmaker visually capture millennial angst in a metaphorical battle of the soul. This may be the closes we get to seeing Catcher in The Rye on the silver screen.  In this remake, Wonder Woman's role is played to perfection by Evan Peters. You almost wish the movie was entirely about this character instead of watching Apocalypse/Lex Luthor rant incoherently. At the end, like all good superhero movies, this one leaves you breathlessly waiting for the next comic book adaptation due out in a month.


Because this movie is hot and heavy on the action, thin on dialogue and plot, I give this movie XXX!